Ginger Powder

The rhizome or root of the ginger plant is its main culinary component. It thrives in tropical climates all over the world and is well-known for its culinary and medicinal uses. It is also known as “Kion” in Peru. Peruvian ginger, one of the best gingers on the retail market, is grown in the jungle highlands of Peru. The ginger rhizomes are delivered to the processing facility after being collected in the field. are sorted, cleaned, decontaminated, dried, ground, sieved, and packaged.

General Specification


Appearance Fine, homogeneous powder with a light yellow color
Flavor Strong, slightly sweet and pungent flavor
Color Light yellow color with no brown or black specks
Shelf Life around 18-24 months
Available in 1kg, 5kg, 10kg, 25kg (or customised as per customer requirement)
Packaging PP Bags

Technical Specification


Moisture Content Less than 10% (range: 5-12%)
Ash Content Less than 5% (range: 2-7%)
Lead (Pb) Less than 2 ppm (range: 1-3 ppm)
Arsenic (As) Less than 3 ppm (range: 2-4 ppm)
Mercury (Hg) Less than 1 ppm (range: 0.5-1.5 ppm)
Microbial count Less than 10^5 cfu/g (range: 10^3 – 10^4 cfu/g)

Unique Specifications


Gingerols Content2-4%