Coriander Seed Powder

A significant crop of spices, coriander plays a key role in flavoring meals. The plant is a tiny, bushy herb with a thin stem that grows 25 to 50 cm tall and has several branches and umbels. The leaves are complex and alternating. A lovely perfume permeates the entire plant. An inflorescence is a compound umbel made up of five individual umbels. When pushed, the globular, 3 to 4-mm in-diameter fruit splits into two locales, each containing one seed. The fruit has a subtle scent.

General Specification


Appearance Fine, homogeneous powder with a light brown color
Flavor Strong, slightly sweet and citrus flavor
Color Light brown color with no dark or black specks
Shelf Life around 18-24 months
Available in 1kg, 5kg, 10kg, 25kg (or customised as per customer requirement)
Packaging PP Bags

Technical Specification


Moisture Content Less than 10% (range: 5-12%)
Ash Content Less than 5% (range: 2-7%)
Lead (Pb) Less than 2 ppm (range: 1-3 ppm)
Arsenic (As) Less than 3 ppm (range: 2-4 ppm)
Mercury (Hg) Less than 1 ppm (range: 0.5-1.5 ppm)
Microbial count Less than 10^5 cfu/g (range: 10^3 – 10^4 cfu/g)

Unique Specifications


Volatile Oil Content1-3%