Garlic Powder

An ingredient used to improve flavor in food is garlic powder, which is made from dehydrated garlic. Depending on the volume of production, the vegetable is dried and dehydrated before being ground into powder using industrial or domestic appliances. A popular ingredient in spice blends is garlic powder. Additionally, it is frequently found in seasoned salt. We provide with best quality garlic powder.

General Specification


Appearance Fine, homogeneous powder with a light tan color
Flavor Strong, pungent garlic flavor
Color Light tan to light yellow color with no brown or black specks
Shelf Life around 18-24 months
Available in 1kg, 5kg, 10kg, 25kg (or customised as per customer requirement)
Packaging PP Bags

Technical Specification


Moisture Content Less than 10% (range: 5-12%)
Ash Content Less than 5% (range: 2-7%)
Lead (Pb) Less than 2 ppm (range: 1-3 ppm)
Arsenic (As) Less than 3 ppm (range: 2-4 ppm)
Mercury (Hg) Less than 1 ppm (range: 0.5-1.5 ppm)
Microbial count Less than 10^5 cfu/g (range: 10^3 – 10^4 cfu/g)

Unique Specifications


Allicin Potential 1,000-2,000 ppm
Allicin Yield 50-80%
Total Allicin 20-30 ppm
Allium Sulfide Content 3-7%
Allium Sulfide Yield 2-6%